The collection consists of:
Chairs Divers sets of Hepplewhite chairs, single chairs of Sheraton, Chippendale, Adam, Ladderbach, Rococco, Louise Seise, Gustavian, Rosenborg etc.
Tables Writing tables, Lamp tables, bookcase (leather on doors), Sideboard mahogany with 8 legs, length 220 cm.
Chests Walnut Chest w/gold model ORTMAN, one model COPENHAGEN mahogany, one Castillian style mahogany.
Beds Beds in mahogany, Colonial and Castillian style.
Hall furnitures Louis Seise hall table antik painted with hand carved mirror, and different mirrors in mahogany.
Barometres Barometres antiques form England.
Chinese carvings Old hand carved wood wainscot from China.
Buddha Buddhas in bronze etc. from Thailand.
Miscellaneous Planters in porcelain and other rare antiques



Hepplewhite chair


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Hepplewhite chair maghogany, antik 8 pieces

Hepplewhite arm chair, maghogany s.antik, 4 pieces

Hepplewhite chair maghogany, s.antik, 6 pieces

Hepplewhite arm chair maghogany s. antik, 2 pieces

Hepplewhite chair maghogany s.antik, 8 pieces

Armchair Adam stile, maghogany , 1 piece

Hepplewhite chair maghogany, 1 piece

Ladderbach chair maghogany, 1 piece

Sheraton chair maghogany, 1 piece

Sheraton chair maghogany, 1 piece

Sheraton chair maghogany, 1 piece

Sheraton chair maghogany, 1 piece

Empire chair maghogany, 1 piece

Empire chair maghogany, 1 piece

Chippendale chair maghogany, 1 piece

Chippendale armchair maghogany, 1 piece

Louise seise chair painted, 1 piece

Louis seise chair painted, 1 piece

Gustavian chair painted, 1 piece

Barok chair painted w. gold, 1 piece

Hepplewhite chair maghogany, 1 piece

Barok chair oak with niger leather, 1 piece

Rosenborg chair oak, 1 piece

Armchair gustavian style, 2 piece

Armchair rococo, 12 pieces!

Tables and bookcase

Lamp table 52x42 cm maghogany, 3 pieces

Lamp table 68x46 cm maghogany, 1 piece

Lamp table 52x42 cm painted, 2 pieces

Lamp table 45x45 cm leather plate magh., 2 pieces

Butlers tray 90x65 cm maghogany, 1 piece

Sofa table 105x54 cm walnut, rococo, handcarved, 1 piese

Sofa table dia.85 cm oak handcarved, 1 piece

Writingdesk 153x77 cm leather on plate magh., 1 piece

Bookcase 173x98 cm lleader on doors mahogany, 1 piece

Writing table 154x78 cm danish handmade maghogny, 1 piece

Chests and beds

Chest 80x40x80 cm model COPENHAGEN maghogany, 1 piece

Chest 104x51x87 cm Castillian style, maghogany, 1 piece

Chest 71x46x8 cm model ORTMAN walnut/gold, 2 piece

Bed 140x200 cm in mahogany Empire handmade, 2 pieces

Bed 100x200 cm in mahogany Colonial style handmade, 2 pieces

Hall furniture: Tables, mirrors and barometres

Box on suckle 43x32x67mahogany, 2 pieces

Consol 70x37x79 cm Louis Seise painted/gold, 2 pieces

Sideboard 225x48x88 Hepplewhite mahogany, 1 piece

Mirror 90x42 cm Louis Seise painted/gold, 2 pieces

Mirror bevelled magh, 1 piece 130x45 cm

Mirror 92x42 cm maghogany, 1 piece

Mirror 80x60 cm bevelled gold, 2 pieces

Mirror bevelled magh, 1 piece 115x65 cm

Barometer 96x26 cm antiques England, 1 piece

Barometer 37x23 cm Jourbey work mahogany, 1 piece

From China

China old panels handcarved with gold different sizes, several pieces!

China old panel 33x18 cm., 1 piece

China old panel 60x33 cm., 1 piece

Another carving


Antik china porcelain lamp 85 cm w/happines - several different pieces!

Pagode lamp maghogny with gold 80 cm, 2 piece

Pagode lamp painted 80 cm, 2 pieces

Lamp louis seise 56 cm handcarved w/gold, 2 piece


Budda praying bronze with gold 80 cm

Budda brahama god bronze w/gold 42 cm

Musician bronze/gold 27 cm

Half bird half woman bronze/gold, 40 cm

Dancer on lotus-throne 58 cm


Box hand carved 39x14 cm, 1 piece

Chandelier hand carved 85x58 cm, 1piece

Coffee-set from USA independence, Royal Copenhagen, in maghogny box, 1 piece

Samovar brass antik persian, 1 piece

Coach (Sofa) new handmade, 1 piece 2 p. 150x83 cm and 1 piece 2 p.185x83 cm

new handmade maghogany legs, 1 piece

Easy architect stylechair new, 1 piece